What is Orion Healing Technique?


It is connecting up to Creator, Source, God/Goddess, Buddha or whomever your

Spiritual deity is. Being able to talk to him/her and ask a for something specific to be done.

In order to do this you must be in a Theta state which is where your brain waves are operating at a frequency of 4to 7 cycles/ second. This state of mind is similar to what you feel right before you dose off to sleep.

 The brain has 4 different brain wave frequencies they are the following

Beta- 14 to 28 cycles per second- at this level you are walking, talking, carrying on a conversation. A fully awake frame of mind.

Alpha- 7 to 14 cycles/ second. At this level you in an altered frame of mind- day dreaming, doing energy work such as Reiki or other healing modalities.

Theta- 4-7 cycles/ second. At this level you are creative, inspirational, and can have spiritual sensations.

Delta- 0 to 4 cycles/second. At this level you are deeply asleep.

When in the Theta state you can connect up to the universal unconditional love grid that is any where from 3 inches to 300 feet- It is where you feel it. This is where you go to connect up with your spiritual deity. When doing an Orion Healing this is where the healer goes to. This is where the healer connects up with the spiritual deity. When in the Theta state one can travel, one can go anywhere that one wants to. Healing can be done distantly. The healer travels- connects up with whom needs healing work done and then proceeds to do the healing work. ‘

The healing work can be removing old beliefs and replacing them with new positive beliefs. This is getting rid of old programs that ones that were taught when one was younger it also has to do with the cell memory that is in the body. Your cells contain all the information that your ancestors have/had. Their beliefs, fears, past history.

These changes can be made and then have all the cells change to accept the changes. One of the laws of the universe is that when something is removed something needs to take its place. So removing the old programming and replacing with new programming makes a more , better positive you.

When operating on a positive level your, health improves, your life is more positive, and what you desire can be yours. The old saying. You are what you think you are is true.

If your beliefs are changed so that you have the ability to have happy, harmonious, prosperous thoughts then they shall be yours.

The Bible Verse—MARK 11:23

"Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith


DNA Activation, Belief Changes, Genetic Changes

Classes offered:

DNA Activation

Orion Healing Techniques Level One

Orion Healing Techniques Level Two

Advanced Orion Healing Techniques


Avalon Wellness Center 1999 DNA Activation

Nature’s Path’s

Sept 2000 –DNA and Theta Healing Technique

Oct. 2000- DNA -2 Replacement and 4-Level Reprogramming

June 2001- DNA 2 Teachers Certification Course

The Light Thing to Do-

Aug 2001- The Theta Command Course and Quantum Level Reprogramming