Reiki is the use of the Universal Life Force Energy and Symbols.

A person can see the Universal Life Force Energy (U.L.F.E.) around them. All one needs to do is gaze with relaxed eyes out in front of them, with relaxed eyes. You will see small spots of energy moving around. On a warm day and the sun is shinning you can see the energy better as it is more active. On cold days it seems to slow down.

Some people can see this energy right away others, it takes practice. It is with energy that is used when performing a Reiki treatment.

In a Reiki treatment a client lies on a massage table and is covered up with a blanket. The client is comfortable. Permission is then asked before the Reiki Practitioner begins. There are several hand positions that are used. Each hand position has to do with energy centers on the human body. The front side is done then the client turns over and the back side is done.

The Reiki Practitioner goes into an Alpha State (brain waves slow to 7-14 cycles / second) and pulls the U.L.F.E. down thru the top of their head and then directs the energy out thru the hands. The energy that comes out of the hands is directed to the client’s body. The Reiki Practitioner is just an instrument – a tool that is being used- The energy that is being directed is what creates the relaxed feeling and the removal of energy blocks.


There are different levels of Reiki Practitioners.

Reiki one- Beginner- learning how to work on oneself, and about the different energy levels and has received some symbols to help direct energy.

Reiki Two- This is where a couple more symbols are received and then the Reiki Practitioner works on others- be it Human, animals, plants or ??

Reiki Master- Has received all the symbols and has experience working with the different energy fields, and has worked on quite a few clients. A Reiki Master teaches and attunes the first and second Reiki Levels. When I say attune this is where the symbols are placed into the energy field of the beginner Reiki practitioner. Each level your ability to work with the Universal Life Force Energy is increased.

Some Reiki practitioners can see, feel, sense what is going on with a client and will ask questions for confirmation.

This is truly a gift from the creator, source, God/Goddess, Buddha or whatever spiritual entity that you believe in. There is no religious affiliation associated with Reiki. Reiki has no religious beliefs; this healing modality does not offend or affect ones spirituality as it is the energy of the universe. It is up to each person and their personal beliefs on where the Universal Life Force Energy comes from.

Reiki can also be done while one is sitting.

A Reiki treatment takes 1-11/2 hours.

Reiki can also be sent distantly. What is needed to do Reiki this way is the persons name that is to receive the energy- what is being requested to be worked on and the city and state to where the energy is to be sent.

It is best if a time is choosen so that the receiver is quiet and can be more receptive to the energy. In a lot of cases the receiver feels the energy.

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Usuri Shiki Ryoho- Reiki 1, 1998 - Helen Phelps

Usuri Shiki Ryoho- Reiki 2, 1998 - Helen Phelps

Usuri System of Natural Healing- Reiki Master 1999- G. Vernon McCoy

Books recommended to read.

Dianne Stein- Essential Reiki